On the 19th August Wrexham Amateur Rado Society, Travellled to the coast of North Wales to take

part in the International Lighthouse & Lightship Event using the club call of GW4WXM which took 

placeover the weekend of the 19th-20th August. The saturdaymorning was one of the windiest we

have witnessed in some time. It tookjust over 2 hours and 4 members of the operating team to

eventually get the station accomodation and operating area complete and ready to operate.

We made a total of 204 contacts working 15 other lighthouses or lightships.And a total of 18

countries. The farthest DX was Venezulela using a crushcraft HF verticle antenna, an Icom 756

and a transmiting  up to 100 watts.


Some pictures from the event